Public waving is a really useful way to communicate, but what if you don't want anyone else to edit your waves? We show you how to make read-only public waves.

Public waving is really simple. To make a wave public, find a wave that you have created, which you want to share with everyone. 

  1. Click on  the '+' button at the top of your wave, and in the search box, type "".
    • If you have public as a contact already, it will appear in the search, with a globe icon.
    • If you don't have public in your contacts, you will be asked to add it to your contacts (to do this, click the green button with the caption "Add to contacts").
  2. Click on the globe icon, once the contact appears, and it will be added to your wave.
  3. In the contacts bar at the top of your wave, click on the public icon (globe).
  4. From the drop-down menu next to remove, you will see the text "Full access". Click on the arrow beside this, and select "Read Only".

    Screenshot of how to create a read-only public wave in Google Wave

  5. Done! Now everyone can see your wave, but only participants (people who are part of the wave e.g. ones that you have added yourself) with full-access can edit it.