We are a global network of power users and unconditional fans of all things Wave with a common missionto move Wave forward.


Our Team

Our Love

For many of us, Wave is the best piece of web technology since the invention of the Web itself...


and theplace to be” for connecting people, getting things done through group collaboration & real-time communication, work on projects, do business, share with people that matter most or simple play and have some fun.

Our Focus

To help Wave move forward and become the “place to be” for more people and organizations we commit ourselves to:

  • Spread the Love for Wave
    around the world, 24/7;

  • Help Wave users
    feel welcome, safe & "
    super-users super-easily" :-)

  • Support people & organizations
    that chose Wave for business and getting things done;

  • Actively contribute to Wave
    protocol, platform, products, services and community.